You paint at home and 

communicate with Jimmy


We shall use ZOOM or Facebook Messenger video chat whichever is available for communication during the online art sessions. If you are interested in this online art session project. Let me know and I shall arrange with you the dates and times for the sessions. I shall be pleased to assist you along your artistic journey. Email or message Jimmy or Siew Hooi to arrange for your online sessions. For Small Group Fees: Booking for 1 session SGD90. 2 sessions SGD160. 3 Sessions SGD225. 4 sessions SGD260 within 1 month. For One-on-one Fees: Booking for 1 session SGD260.  2 sessions SGD500. 3 sessions SGD750. 4 sessions SGD1,000 within 1 month. Get 25% off when making booking before 3 April 2020. Get 10% off when making booking between 4 April to 15 April 2020. Please make payment via PayNow / PayLah / PayPal / Credit Card… to confirm your booking when you have finalized the dates and times with us. For payment options details click here.

Ongoing Art Sessions

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