Feedback Received

Below are feedbacks that we received from the participants "Grateful for your professional sharing of your knowledge and expertise." "Certainly a metamorphosis from a complete foreigner in painting to an okay-practitioner. Your guidance and pointers, as well as the practical demonstrations were pivotal, appreciate it!" "When I first step into your house and listen to the way you teach, I knew I've met a fantastic artist. Not just a capable art teacher but also a very caring friend who always teach me to learn and behave in good manner. Totally beyond my expectation... Today, I'm able to get into my course and follow my passion is because of your great help. I have improved a lot and I felt very prepared for my studies. Once again, thank you so much!" "I enjoyed myself during the lesson, I do like the atmosphere as well! Thank you for being so patient with me!" "I have passed NAFA's exam. Thanks for your drawing lesson." "I feel fortunate to have taken this course, and more importantly had you train carefully each step along my drawing journey. I am also glad you shared with me and help me understand the ultimate goal of art which I never knew before. I love to see each member of your family works in harmony, so happy and peaceful." "I really appreciate for all your teaching and caring. I always enjoy my lessons with you." "Even though I am an artist and have had several exhibitions in Switzerland, I was not satisfied. From my first to my last session with Jimmy my painting advanced rapidly. Jimmy's enthusiasm is an infection and you can not help but be inspired. The way of Jimmy's guidance is ideal for any level of budding artist. If you really want to realize your full potential then you must visit Jimmy! Thank you again, maestro." "The atmosphere of the class was very comfortable and I really enjoyed it." "Jimmy taught me to see differently, use paints more liberally, and break out of the confines of "painting with the outline". He is a very patient teacher. "My daughter obtained an "A" in her Art at GCE "O" level examination. Thank you very much, Jimmy." "You have been a great mentor for me in the small journey of art so far." "If you are looking for an art class to attend, I'll Recommend Jimmy's! I just wish he was not so far away from me!" "The classes have been useful to me and I did learn a lot from the lessons taught. I look forward to continuing my lessons with you when I next have the time." "Each session always made me very happy and a grateful person to know you." "I am very thankful to have attended Mr Jimmy's art lessons. Now that I am dealing with my art exam, I could easily apply the skill Jimmy taught me. Thank you very much Mr Jimmy. I miss you and Siew Hooi. Miss all those lessons I had from you. Will visit you soon." "I am very happy that I got a chance to learn to sketch from you. I never tried sketching and never thought of doing it, but when I came to you I found it very interesting and learned so many helpful techniques which will help me in the future. Thanks for your guidance." "I enjoyed all the lessons with you and you have made changes in my life. I am so thankful to know and have you as my art teacher!" "Thank you so much again, I enjoyed your class very much. I have learned a lot from you and you have been very patient teaching me." "I see passion and joy in you in every class and to every student. Wow! I admire and salute you. Yes, I enjoy every lesson with you especially your great sense of humour; I am more relaxed. Feels like I have 'escaped' into my painting." "Thank you for all your guidance, patience and encouragement, and making every class a new learning experience." "Thanks, Jimmy. I am so happy painting...and surprisingly the pencil drawing! The doctor tells me I am recovering very well from my surgeries. Really, I think all this painting helps!" "I am so lucky to have got an opportunity to be your student. The skill I learn from you and the resulting happiness are priceless." "I am very grateful for your invaluable advice. Your 'criticisms' which I take very positively helped me progress in this learning journey and I enjoy our exchanges." "Thank you very much for all the encouragement and guidance given to me during my 4 month's training at Pabha Studio. It was truly a beautiful experience learning art with lots of laughter and good memories. " "Thank you for the guidance and feedback you have shared these past weeks especially on how to approach each painting project. I'm learning and discovering something new each week about this art form and the importance of practice!" "I have enjoyed very much the sketching session this afternoon and your enthusiasm to teach my friend and me as much as possible. You are opening a whole new world in the art domain for me. It is much appreciated." "My courses with you help me so much and I am nostalgic of the moments I spent by your side." "I am glad that I took the plunge to go from West to East to meet you and be tutored by you. In the first session, I felt that you understood my goals and your art work seemed to reflect some of the ideas that I have. I have learnt much from you in the 8 sessions and look forward to continuing to explore more with you when time permits." "I am proud to share my five years of learning to painting with you has been fabulous. From the very day I started; I am touch by your sincerity, patience and kindness to teach me to paint well. It was 'I like to paint' to now 'I love to paint!' You make my art journey not only, enriching and light-hearted, its absolutely awesome! Thank you Jimmy Quek! "Been very blessed to be referred to Jimmy for learning art as I've learned so much from him. Jimmy not just teaches art but also inspires me to appreciate and create my own art. Really appreciate Siew Hooi's hospitality - she always makes sure that I am comfortable during the lessons. 12 lessons passed by too quickly. Will visit again." "My best and most passionate, cheerful and friendly art teacher, Jimmy Quek, who always makes art such a fun and enjoyable thing to learn."