There are many ways to learn a complex and personal subject such as art. However, a sound background in direct observation and representational painting is always useful to achieve a reasonable standard of skill in your chosen medium. Many objects around us are good subjects for beginners to draw and paint. After you have learnt how to see and how to record objects on a surface, you can then experiment with different techniques and media. You can even explore the world of imagination and work with intuition. You can do it if you want to learn it, and you take action in art making. Those who practise regularly will certainly produce better results in their artwork, be it representational or non-representational art. It is fun and useful to learn sketching and painting and to continue learning and practising them regularly. You are welcome to join the painting session. I'll be happy to assist you along your artistic journey. You will build-up your self-confidence and attain a sense of achievement through art. You will enjoy art-making and appreciate art in life. Sincerely, Prabhakara Jimmy Quek