Earrings 170310   SGD34 Two Sided Earrings and Pendant. 1 Set. 170101   SGD160 Pendant and Earrings 170121   SGD138 Pendant and Earrings 170125   SGD88 Two Sided Earrings 170117   SGD48 Earrings 170119   SGD46 Two Sided Earrings 161224   SGD48 Pendant and Earrings   170128   SGD98 Pendant and Earrings   170206   SGD58 Two Sided Pendant and Earrings  170227   SGD87 Two Sided Pendant and Earrings 170126   SGD138 Pendant and Earrings 170122   SGD138 Pendant and Earrings   170127   SGD98 Pendant and Earrings   170129   SGD68 Pendant and Earrings   170202   SGD68 Pendant and Earrings   170131   SGD98 Pendant and Earrings   170207   SGD68 Two Sided Pendant and Earrings   170203   SGD138 Pendant and Earrings   170204   SGD68
One-of-a-kind artistic work. One piece only. Click image for larger pop-up photo. Click “Add to Cart” sign to buy. We ship items worldwide and locally. We shall arrange sending the items to you upon receiving of your purchase payment. Contact us (via Whatsapp / Facebook messenger / Email) and we will reply you as soon as we can.
Pendant and Earrings 170121   SGD138
Pendant and Earrings 170125   SGD88
Pendant and Earrings   170128   SGD98
Earrings 170310   SGD34
Earrings 170119   SGD46
Two Sided Earrings and Pendant 170101   SGD160
Pendant and Earrings   170127   SGD98
Two Sided Earrings 170117   SGD48
Pendant and Earrings   170204   SGD68
Pendant and Earrings   170206   SGD58
Pendant and Earrings 170122   SGD138
Two Sided Earrings 161224   SGD48
Two Sided Pendant and Earrings  170227   SGD87
Pendant and Earrings   170202   SGD68
Pendant and Earrings   170207   SGD68
Two sided pendant 151101   SGD180 Two sided pendant 151221  SGD240 Pendant 160613   SGD86 Pendant 160104   SGD65 Two Sided Pendant.  Item 161017   SGD120 Pendant 160114  SGD120
Two sided pendant 151101   SGD180
Two sided pendant 151221  SGD240
Pendant 160104   SGD65
Pendant 160114  SGD120
Pendant 160110   SGD88
Pendant 160110   SGD88
Pendant 151217   SGD120 Pendant 151116  SGD160 Pendant 151202   SGD68 Pendant 151229   SGD200 Pendant 160107   SGD120 Pendant 161003   SGD120 Pendant 151202   SGD68 Pendant 160112   SGD78 Pendant 160509   SGD110
Two Sided Pendant and Earrings 170126   SGD138
Pendant and Earrings   170131   SGD98
Pendant and Earrings   170129   SGD68
Two Sided Pendant and Earrings   170203   SGD138
Two Sided Pendant 161017   SGD120
Pendant 151116  SGD160
Pendant 151217   SGD120
Pendant 160509   SGD110
Pendant 160613   SGD86
Pendant 160107   SGD120
Pendant 161003   SGD120
Pendant 151202   SGD68
Pendant 151202   SGD68
Pendant 160112   SGD78
Pendant 151229   SGD200
Exclusive Artistic Pendants and Earrings