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Bodhi tree and Bodhi leaf are a symbol that reminding us of the Buddha's enlightenment. The Buddha was sitting under a tree at the time of his enlightenment. The tree is called Bodhi Tree. Bodhi means being awake, enlightened, supreme knowledge. Bodhi trees are commonly found growing in Buddhist centers of all traditions, all over the world, being a reminder and an inspiration, a symbol of peace, of Buddha’s enlightenment and of the ultimate potential that lies within us.
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Bodhi Leaf 18H11BDLsq1 $23
Bodhi Leaf 18H11BDLsq5 $23
Bodhi Leaf 18H11BDLsq2 $23
Bodhi Leaf 18H11BDLsq3 $23
Bodhi Leaf 18H11BDLsq4 $23
Bodhi Leaf 18H11BDL4 $28
Bodhi Leaf 18H11BDL3 $28
Bodhi Leaf 18H11BDL5 $28
Bodhi Leaf 18H11BDL1 $28