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Useful Tips

Make yourself open to the many and varied images of drawings and paintings from the world of art that are readily available today and shall not let yourself become intimidated by the richness and variety of these images.

It is important that you shall work in the way you want to and do not feel discouraged that you may not be able to achieve the effects you desire. Constant practice and experimentation with different surfaces and materials, and subject matters will help you achieve what you want to achieve visually and you will be more proficiency and you will discover and develop your own ways and style.

Use drawing as a method of inquiry and exploration. Use that as a means of gathering and recording visual information so to become familiar with and understanding the characteristics of the world of the perceptions.

For abstract work you may need to do more experiment with different ways of applying media. Collage, blotting, stenciling, spraying, scraping, cutting-up and reassembling are all technical processes which you may like to consider for your work.

You shall be inventive in your drawing as well. Try all possible means and ways that can make marks and produce lines and shapes. Find out what type of abstract images that you are more interested in. Whether you prefer free and flowing, delicate and sensitive, symmetrical or asymmetrical images? Do you wish to rely on line, mass, tone or texture, or a combination of them?

There are so may possibilities in image-making that lie between the extremes of drawing objectively from nature and working with subjective abstract forms. (From representational art to non representational art) This is a rich field for exploration and experiment for beginner and the experienced.

You shall learn value on respectful behavior on giving and receiving critical comments and promote trust and encourage participation in learning processes.



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Acknowledgements: Prabhakara Jimmy Quek would like to thank all participants who allowed us to post their artworks online. All artworks posted at Pabha websites are the property of their respective copyright owners. Any works posted against the wishes of the copyright owner will be removed upon request. The content of Pabha websites is not copyright free. Reproduction and commercial use are therefore forbidden. All Rights Reserved.

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