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Acrylic Painting for Beginner

Beginners as well as those with some experience are welcome.

You will learn to paint with acrylic medium and learn to use art materials effectively and to mix your colours well. You will be guided for techniques to achieve various visual effects.

Besides practical exercises to investigate colours, lines, shapes, form, volume, light, texture and others, you will learn to develop skills to paint and to complete sstill life and Landscape painting

Finally, you get to enjoy the freedom of expression in creating your original acrylic paintings either by direct observation, studies made from photos and visual references or visual impression through your own experiences, feelings and thoughts, ideas, dreams and imagination. (Click here for Registration Form.)

Recommended number of sessions:  From 12 to 24 sessions or more sessions depending on your intent level of practise. You shall learn and understand about painting with acrylic medium progressively through practical experience.


    Acrylic materials and tools

    Canvas, canvas panel, paper, etc

    Paints, basic set of colours

    Brushes, painting knifes

    Medium glossy or matt and varnish

    Handling of materials

    Know your colors

    Learn to mix the colours you want

    Tint, tone and shade

    Colours (Hue)

    Value (lightness and darkness of a colors)

    Colours wheel

    Primary colors, secondary colours, tertiary( intermediate) colors.

    Direct experience with colours

    Applying and layering paints

    Record your own colours

    Grays. Buy or mix. Black, white

    Gray scale. Value

    Complementary colours

    How to make your colours beautiful

    Intensity chrome of colours (brightness or dullness of colors)

    Cool colors and warm colours

    Blending technique and effects

    How to save cost

    Using medium gel and paste

    Texture on the surface.

    Representational painting to non representational painting

    Still life painting and Landscape painting

    Develop a powerful composition and have great colour for your painting using various art elements and design principles


Example of participants works:  You could view participants' works at Featured Artists Gallery, Pabha Gallery- Featured Artworks and Participants Works Gallery and the links that are provided there.

Achieve:  You shall be able to paint with acrylic medium and enjoy the freedom of expression in creating your painting either from your observation and experiences, feelings and thoughts, ideas, dreams or imagination, or your own photos or visual references.

What next: You can continue to book for any number of painting sessions for Acrylic Painting for Improver or Painting with the Artist if you wish. You shall be able to investigate and develop skills or to further progress your artistic practice at any level and to enjoy art making and freedom of expression with acrylic medium.



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Acknowledgements: Prabhakara Jimmy Quek would like to thank all participants who allowed us to post their artworks online. All artworks posted at Pabha websites are the property of their respective copyright owners. Any works posted against the wishes of the copyright owner will be removed upon request. The content of Pabha websites is not copyright free. Reproduction and commercial use are therefore forbidden. All Rights Reserved.

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