I   have   committed   to   being   open   to   those   seeking   art   assistance   and   counselling. Since   2009,   I   have   shared   my   skills   and   experience   in   the   visual   arts   field   with people   at   my   home   studio.   This   year   is   the   Tenth   Anniversary   of   the   ongoing efforts. I   am   fortunate   to   have   met   outstanding   people   from   all   walks   of   life.   They   have different      ages,      professions      and      nationalities      (Singapore,      Britain,      India, Netherlands,    Nigeria,    America,    Japan,    France,    Philippines,    Taiwan,    Malaysia, Indonesia,   Russia,   Myanmar,   Costa   Rica,   Australia,   Kazakhstan,   Vietnam,   Serbian, Korea,    Portugal,    Holland,    Hong    Kong,    China,    Ukraine    and    Tibet).    Participants benefit   from   the   art   sessions.   I   am   very   happy   to   see   them   transform   as   the   art journey develops. Some have become friends. I thank them for their friendship. To    commemorate    the    10th    Anniversary,    I    decided    to    publish    this    website    to record    and    promote    the    art    they    created.    I    have    selected    133    unique    and diversified   pieces   of   art   by   81   selected   participants   who   practised   art   with   me   for some time between 2009 and 2019. I want to share it with everyone. Congratulations    to    the    participants.    I    am    proud    of    your    works.    I    hope    you continue to enjoy making art and sharing art with more people.
Prabhakara Jimmy Quek 20 November 2019
"Jimmy   is   a   true   artist.   More   than   a   skilled   technician,   his   dedication   to   the   craft   has   made him the free and authentic person that he is who is open to different notions of beauty. This   translates   into   the   peaceful   environment   that   he   provides   for   practice   and   is   felt through his calm, patient and understanding demeanour when teaching. From   him,   I   have   learnt   that   I   have   a   voice.   For   even   when   I   run   out   of   words,   I   now   know   to use   colour,   lines   and   shapes   to   communicate.   He   listens   to   my   ideas   and   challenges   me   to consider   the   alternatives.   His   belief   in   me   gives   me   the   confidence   to   share   my   work   and   to explore different art forms. It   is   indeed   one   of   life's   blessings   that   our   paths   crossed   10   years   ago.   Today,   I   continue   to enjoy   the   friendship   and   banter   with   a   mentor   in   Jimmy   and   Siew   Hooi,   a   true   artist   in   her own   right,   who   makes   the   community   complete.   Thank   you   for   being   advocates   of   honest expression and creativity." - Vivien Lee.  
"I   love   art   since   school   days.   It   makes   me   happy.   After   stopping   for   a   while,   the   opportunity   for   me   to continue   to   pursue   my   interest   in   art   happened   on   Aug   2012,   when   a   friend   introduced   me   to   Mr   Jimmy Quek.   At   first,   I   thought   I   would   only   take   up   a   few   lessons,   but   now   in   2019,   I   am   already   in   my   7th   year   of painting   with   Jimmy.   Initially,   my   image   of   an   artist   is   one   who   will   only   teach   the   basics   and   keep   the 'secret    recipe'    to    himself,    but    Jimmy    is    certainly    not    such    instructor.    His    teaching    is    profound    and demonstrates   in-depth   insights   into   art.   He   is   a   sincere   artist,   earnest   in   imparting   his   experiences   and knowledge   to   his   students.   He   has   no   reservation   nor   intends   to   keep   his   'secret   recipe'   when   comes   to teaching.   He   is   there   to   inspire   the   next   generation   of   painters,   and   one   can   certainly   feel   his   passion   for art. 'Art is never-ending. Colour unifies and signifies one's inner world.' I   am   proud   and   privileged   to   learn   under   Jimmy's   guidance.   I   humbly   share   my   5   paintings,   to   be   part   of 'Ongoing Art Sessions 10th Anniversary'. Congratulation Jimmy!" -  Janivfer Lim.
"The   reason   why   I   wanted   to   be   taught   by   Jimmy   Quek   was   his   open-mindedness towards   art   and   his   wonderful   use   of   colours.   His   use   of   colour   is   so   extremely beautiful.   The   combination   of   his   colours   and   the   vibrancy   of   them.   It   results   in dreamy paintings representing an ideal world." - Bianca Kremer.
"My   dog   passed   away   two   years   ago.   This   oil   painting   keeps   my memories   of   him   alive.   I   also   painted   my   daughter's   mischievous cat and a good friend and her cat."  - Jen Wong.
"As    a    graphic    designer,    I    have    to often    adhere    to    the    clients'    design briefs    and    the    design    works    that    I produce   do   not   reflect   my   true   self.   I am   merely   a   shadow   of   my   clients. However,   through   art,   I   can   express myself    freely    as    I    come    up    with creations      that      portray      my      life's stories.   Every   story   depicts   different emotions    and    states    of    mind.    The process    of    creating    every    artwork helps    me    to    discover    more    about myself   by   having   me   to   be   true   to myself.   Thus,   my   journey   of   being   an artist   has   been   transformational   as my      life's      changes      are      reflected through   each   artwork."   -   Tan   Meng Jun.
Marilyn Johnston. Chef Passedat. Acrylic on canvas. Marilyn Johnston. Chef Passedat. Acrylic on canvas. Marilyn Johnston. Primarily Shimon. Acrylic on canvas. Marilyn Johnston. Three Pears. Acrylic on canvas. Marilyn Johnston. Three Apples. Acrylic on canvas. Nak Blaanwendraad. Wave. Acrylic on canvas. Nak Blaanwendraad. Paper Weight. Acrylic on canvas. Nak Blaanwendraad. Mountains and Land. Acrylic on canvas. Nak Blaanwendraad. Mushroom. Watercolouir on paper. Nak Blaanwendraad. Sea and Rocks. Acrylic on canvas. Michelle Yong. Popping Reds. Acrylic on canvas. Michelle Yong. Sail Free 2. Acrylic on canvas. Michelle Yong. Sail Free 4. Acrylic on canvas. Michelle Yong. Lines. Acrylic on canvas. Michelle Yong. Sail Free 3. Acrylic on canvas.
Felicia Chua. Me? Oil on canvas Felicia Chua. Untitled. Oil on canvas. Marc Couloud. Farniente 2. Acrylic on canvas. Marc Couland. Farniente I. Acrylic on canvas. Hannah Lim. Paper Bags. Acrylic on canvas. Hannah Lim. Flowers. Watercolour on paper. Hannah Lim. Lines. Acrylic on canvas. Valerie Neo. Composition. Acrylic on canvas. Valerie Neo. Lion Puppet. Acrylic on canvas. Alicia Png. Still Life. Acrylic on canvas. Alicia Png. Still Life. Acrylic on canvas. Alicia Png. Sky. Acrylic on canvas. Alicia Png. Landscape. Acrylic on canvas. Sandra Hui. Landscape. Acrylic on canvas. Sandra Hui. Mountains and Lake. Acrylic on canvas. Syaza Yasirah. Beach Pollution. Acrylic on canvas. Syaza Yasirah. Abstract I. Acrylic on canvas. Damien Verdaguer. Painting. Acrylic on canvas. Damien Verdaguer. Emotion. Acrylic on canvas. RPP. Autumn Trees. Acrylic on canvas. RPP. Boat and Reflection. Acrylic on canvas. Tay Yi Wen. Memory. Acrylic on canvas panel. Kate Yuan. Landscape. Watercolour on paper. Kate Yuan. Puppet Lion Head. Watercolour on paper. Pauline Chew. Lily. Watercolour on paper. Pauline Ponder. Memory about Cow. Acrylic on canvas. Kho Che Kiat. Views. Acrylic on canvas. Kelly VS. Three Deck Chairs. Acrylic on canvas. Belinda Low. Mountains and Pond. Acrylic on canvas. Vynn Tan. Abstract Floral. Acrylic on canvas. Sunnica Chan. Flowers. Acrylic on canvas. Jiwon Han. Still Life. Ink on paper. Arva Kayamali Rangwala. Away from the Concrete Jungles. Acrylic on canvas. Lim Si Hui. Still Life. Acrylic on canvas. Sayadaw U Pannathami. Dhamma Duta. Acrylic on canvas. Joana Priou. Still Life. Watercolour on paper. Ho Kuan Yu. Papaya. Acrylic on canvas. Lina. Glass and Kiwi Fruit. Acrylic on canvas.
"Congrats   on   your   10th   Anniversary!   Indeed,   art   journey   is   not   that   simple,   in my   humble   opinion,   it   needs   the   basic   3Ps:   passion,   patience,   perseverance.   I can   see   that   you   have   all   these   (of   course   also   talent)   and   the   hard   work   you have put in to promote art!" - Evelyn Chung.
Paula Nikita. Fire. Acrylic on canvas. Lina. Glass and Kiwi Fruit. Acrylic on canvas. Mann Khine. Still Life. Pencil on paper. Fang Hui Min. Still Life. Pencil on paper. Parul Trivedi. Cliff. Acrylic on canvas. Suan Ong.  Samsui Aunties. Acrylic on paper. Rosabeth Goh. Flower. Acrylic on paper. Chen Yun. Trees. Acrylic on canvas. Tan Eng Chew. Teddy Bear. Pencil on paper. Garside Geoff. Painting. Acrylic on canvas. Chua Si Hui. Painting. Acrylic on canvas. Lin Ho. Northern Light. Acrylic on canvas. Suganya. Esplanade Theater and Marina Centre. Acrylic on board. Diana Lim. Composition. Acrylic on canvas. Edwin Lim. Still Life. Acrylic on canvas. Margaret. Painting. Acrylic on canvas. Michelle Kang. Winter. Acrylic on canvas. R Mohananda. Peaceful Land. Watercolour on paper. hou Yimi. Still Life. Watercolour on paper. Rosalind Lim. Journey. Acrylic on canvas.
Janivfer Lim
Bianca Kremer
Jen Wong
Tan Meng Jun
Evelyn Chung
Marilyn Johnston
Nak Blaanwendraad
Michelle Yong
Felicia Chua
Hannah Lim
Marc Couland
Valerie Neo
Vynn Tan
Alicia Png
Pauline Ponder
Damien Verdaguer
.Syaza Yasirah
Kate Yuan
Sandra Hui
Pauline Chew
Kho Che Kiat
Tay Yi Wen
Sunnica Chan
Kelly Vs
Belinda Low
Lim Si Hui
Jiwon Han
Arva Kayamali Rangwala
Joana Priou
Ho Kuan Yu
Sayadaw Pannathami
Chen Yao
Paula Nikita
Mann Khina
Fang Hui Min
Suan Ong
Parul Trivedi
Rosabeth Goh
Tan Eng Chew
Chen Yun
Chua Si Hui
Diana Lim
Edwin Lim
Lin Ho
Garside Geoff
Zhou Yimi
R Mohananda
Michelle Kang
Rosalind Lim
Nancy Lim. Two Birds. Acrylic on canvas.
Nancy Lim
Steve Hirst. Plants. Watercolour on paper.
Steve Hirst
Juliet. Joy. Watercolour on paper.
Vivien Lee
June Ang. Lion Dance Joy. Acrylic on canvas pane
June Ang
Monica Lee. Painting. Acrylic on canvas.
Monica Lee
Lynn Low. Lotus Series 1. Acrylic on canvas
Lynn Low
Uma Joseph. A Journey. Acrylic on canvas panel.
Uma Joseph
Pazia. Reflection. Acrylic on canvas.
Patrina Wong. Dance in the Wind. Acrylic on canvas.
Pritina Wong
Eugene Sy. Two In Two Out. Acrylic on canvas.
Eugene Sy
Ethan Lim. Study. Acrylic on canvas.
Constance Chan.  Apples and Bread. Watercolour on paper.
Constance Chan
Gordana Elliott. The Power of Nature. Oil on canvas.
Gordana Elliott.
Amit Kalindi. Fruits. Acrylic on canvas. Meiko Bing. Cakes. Watercolour on paper.
Meiko Chua
Amit Kalindi
Jessica Wong. Full Moon Night. Acrylic on canvas. Adi Tya Gupta. Still Life. Acrylic on canvas. Adi Tya Gupta
Jessica Wong
Padmaja. Waterfall. Acrylic on canvas.
Yun Chen. Still Life. Pencil on paper.
Yun Chen
Cheryl Yeong. Winter. Acrylic on canvas
Cheryl Yeong
Vina P Hermanto. Landscape. Acrylic on canvas.
Vina P Hermanto
Fiona Lee. The Lilac Breasted Rollers. Acrylic on canvas.
Fiona Lee
Seth Ng. Landscape. Watercolour on paper.
Seth Ng
Elena Markina. Flowers. Acrylic on canvas.
Elena Makina
Lynette Yeo. Break Out of the House. Acrylic on canvas.
Lynette Yeo
Tang Puay Keng. Painting. Acrylic on canvas panel.
Tong Puay Keng
Joanne Tan. Two Buns. Watercolour on paper.
Joanne Tan
You are welcome to contact Jimmy or Siew Hooi for art sessions if you require any artistic assistance or consultation. You will discover the joy of art-making and enjoy painting and drawing practice. Arrange your art practice schedule in a small-group session or a one-on-one session now, or book a 1-day/2 day painting workshop for making an abstract painting on MDF as shown in below photo and bring home your painted work with an easel at the end of the workshop. Do feel free to check with Jimmy Quek or Siew Hooi if you have any question or enquiry.
The following participants (artists) are gratefully acknowledged for their important contributions to this 10th Anniversary Commemoration Website. Steve Hirst, Marc Coulaud, Uma Joseph, RPP, Joanne Tan, Michelle Kang, Garside Geoff, Pauline Chew, Eugene Sy, Chen Yun, Chen Yao, Padmaja, Ho Kuan Yu, Yun Chen, Gordana Elliott, Belinda Low, Ethan Lim, Lina, Kelly Vs, Nancy Lim, Suan Ong, Marilyn Johnston, Parul Trivedi, Saganya, Vynn Tan, Sayadaw Pannathami, Vina P Hermanto, AdiTya Gupta, Amit Kalindi, Fang Hui Mi, Jiwan Han, June Ang, Kho Che Kiat, Lim Si Hui, Mann Khine, Pauline Polder, Michelle Yong, Jen Wong, Constance Chan, Zhou Yimin, Lin Ho, Evelyn Chung, Elena Markina, Damien Verdaguer, Sunnica Chan, Lynette Balota, Edwin Lim, Margaret, Diana Lim, Fiona Lee, Valerie Neo, Patrina Wong, Felicia Chua, Kate Yuan, Jessica Wong, Tang Puay Keng, Chua Si Hui, Tay Yi Wen, Arva Kayamali Rangwala, Cheryi Yeong, Lynn Low, Seth Ng, Meiko Bing, Tan Eng Chew, Sandra Hui, Paula Nikita, Tang Meng Jun, Rosalind Lim, Juliet, Monica Lee, R Mohanadas, Vivien Lee, Hannah Lim, Nak Blaanwendraad, Janivfer Lim, Joana Priou, Alicia Png, Syaza Yasirah, Pazia, Rosabeth Goh and Bianca Kremer.
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